Scientists and artist have worked together to unlock the dazzling potential of the World’s Finest Natural Diamonds. After years of efforts, they have at last perfected a breathtaking new cut: the EIGHTERNITY.

With 81 facets, the EIGHTERNITY diamond is able to capture pure white light and send it dancing amongst its heart, bending and refracting it into a dazzling rainbow finish.

The EIGHTERNITY is a major advancement in the technology of cutting diamonds. The additional facets are only part of the story. Unique to the Eighternity are double-headed arrows encasing a beautiful flower pattern in the heart of the stone. “A flower that shall never wither”.

The EIGHTERNITY diamond displays with undeniable brilliance eight diamonds within a single diamond. It is the next generation of round diamond which exhibits optical qualities superior to round diamonds, while maintaining a distinctly different appearance.

The EIGHTERNITY diamond is the ultimate cutting of a round diamond, to achieve the most brilliance, color, and sparkle out of a diamond. This directly relates to the beauty of a diamond and is apparent even from across a dimly lit room.

Every EIGHTERNITY diamond over .50 carats comes with a GIA certificate.

Each diamond is micro-laser inscribed with GIA certification number, brand name and logo.

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