Maharaja Jewelers
Building Relationship & Trust one Customer at a timeā€¦

Maharaja Jewelers has been happily serving as a leading Jewelry store in Houston, Texas since April 10, 2010. With 22 years of diamond, gold and jewelry experience behind the reigns, we have been able to establish ourselves, not only as an ideal Indian Jewelry store, but as an Engagement ring hot spot as well.

With a wholesale business background dating back to 15 years ago, it was realized that by catering to the retail industry, Maharaja Jewelers would be able to provide customers not only with the best quality diamonds, but at the best prices as well. Our prices are difficult to beat, since we have the ability to produce at our own rate, with factories located in Mumbai, Hong Kong and China.

By having strong ties with our site holders, Maharaja Jewelers has the advantage of consistent diamond supply at a reasonable price. You will not only receive top quality diamonds, but diamonds with the best cut, clarity and color from us, because we strongly believe that is what you deserve.